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I've had a really busy week, and it's taken me a while to put this up. I was very happy to get a blog award last week from the lovely Renee - and it's such an honour coming from her, because she is incredibly talented and always inspiring.
Thank you so much Renee :)

Here are the rules...
1. The winner can put the logo on her blog.2. Link the person you received the award from.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs4. Put links of those blogs on yours.5. Leave a messsage on the blogs of the girls you nominated.

So now it's my turn, and I pass this on to...
Anne-Marie - this chick seriously rocks! and her work is fabulous
Leeann - luv her inspiring techniques
Hetty - for her gorgeous style
Bec - who always creates the prettiest things
Vita - I'm such a fan of her work
Ruby - so much talent for her young age
Sandie - luv her cute cards
Pepper - for all her lovely creations
there are so many more great blogs I regularly visit... and want everyone else on my blog list to know that I love your blog too!!!

Also the new challenges are up at ASS, and I was very surprised to find out that my layout for the CherryArte teens challenge won the DT vote - Yay! come and check out the latest creations and cast your vote here!

Really liked this challenge, and was happy to finally scrap this cooky photo of Christian swinging.and challenge 11I decide to scrap the photo of my boys on the walk to school, which they like for about 5 minutes before they start complaining :) I also got a layout done for the white with one challenge this month - as you can see the theme was white, yellow and flowers... I even put together a step-by-step at Click n' Scrap for this envelope & card - btw there is an awesome sale there at the moment, so if you love a bargain be sure to visit!
and earlier this week I got some very cool news, but I have to wait to share... so until then, thanks for visiting!

Who's layout is it anyway - challenges 8 & 9

Firstly I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who voted for me in the last challenges - I'm very excited that my 'vintage' layout won the public vote - WooHoo!!! again you can check out every one's gorgeous work and cast your vote here!
I love Christmas and get a bit obsessed when it comes to decorating our tree! and although it's getting a bit full... I think it looks beautiful and I love adding new ornaments every year :)
I guess we all have our little obsessions though... and for the boys in our family it's all about the PS3!

Even though I was pretty sick - I made an effort and joined in the fun at LSS Cybercrop over the weekend - as usual the night kicked off with a hilarious round of bingo... and I won!!! I have been playing for months now and have been pretty close, so to actually win was very cool :) I also managed to get a few of the challenges done. and I'm very happy to say that I won the inspiration challenge this month with this layout...I went for a fairytale theme for this one, inspired by this photo of my gorgeous boys all dressed up at the Chinese Gardens - Darling Harbour
and I really like this cute little card I made for the step-by-step challenge :)

The challenge continues...

I have finished two more challenges for the 'Who's layout is it anyway' challenge at Aussie Scrap Source, and as before... you can vote for my layouts here!!!!As soon as I saw this challenge I knew I had the perfect photo to use - it was taken of me around 15 yrs ago by the very sweet and extremely talented photographer John De Lombardo.
I didn't want to take anything away from the photo, so I kept the embellishments and colour scheme minimal and am really pleased with how it turned out. The next challenge was...I used a photo of Cameron, which has always made me think of a secret garden :) I used watercolours to create the frame then stamped on the foliage detail. Thanks for visiting... and don't forget to show me some love and vote!

I also managed to get some scrapping done this weekend and completed a few challenges over at Little Scrapbook Shop that were put on for everyone who could not attend their annual retreat... and I won two of the challenges - woo hoo!!!
The first was a step by step challenge, that involved making your own doodled elements to use on a layout.
And the next one was to create something scrappy, inspired by your favourite mug. I chose my much loved Domayne mug as inspiration to create this card
I also created this layout for Click n' Scrap DT using the new Basic Grey Euphoria collection. This is a photo of my beautiful god-daughter Jessie with her two gorgeous sisters Miya and Alexis.


We headed out to Oberon this weekend in the hope of seeing some snow... and we sure found it!!! It was awesome - this is the first time our boys have ever seen snow and they were so excited. We thought that there might just be some snow on the ground, but it actually started snowing while we were there - it was freezing! After Oberon we headed to Jenolan Caves but decided to take the 'scenic' route and drove through Shooter's Hill, where we passed several isolated properties displaying signs that trespassers will be shot!!! So we got out of there pretty quick, and ended up on Bastard Road (who names these things?) but the name made sense when the dirt road quickly turned to mud once the snow fell! But I guess it was all part of the adventure.
After we had our fill of snow we finally we reached Jenolan Caves and did the cave tours. This was our first time there and it was pretty spectacular. Matt capturing all the action on the video camera while I took the photos.
We had a really great day, but it was a good thing we left when we did, because just a couple of hours later the roads got snowed in and had to be closed, and we would have been stuck there... although that might have been fun too :)

Blog hopping mad...

I am so into checking out blogs at the moment - there are just so many creative people out there!!! and it's not just blogs, there's the forums, galleries, cybercrops and challenges and of course the retail therapy...I can't get enough of it all! This might explain why I can't seem to get much scrapping done lately - I spend most of my time glued to my computer :)
I Seriously need to add the many beautiful blogs I am hoarding in my favourites folder over to my blog list! But in the meantime, I have some beautiful images I found over at photobucket to share...

Who's layout is it anyway...

The challenge continues over at Aussie Scrap Source. I am still really enjoying trying something different, and managed to complete both of the challenges this week. The assortment of entries has really been fabulous - so stop by and have a look and don't forget that you can vote for me here!!! Also thanks heaps to those who voted last week :)This was my first attempt at shabby chic - I think I did alright?
I used photos of myself at different ages and journalled about my hopes and dreams at each stage of my life - I have hidden my journaling under the flower section on the left hand side, which opens up. and on to challenge 5!
I really enjoyed making this one - I love doing fiddly stuff and hand cut blossoms from patterned papers then layered them onto the page and used dimensional magic to add glossy 3d details (it took me a while though)
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