white with one...

I came across the White With 1 September challenge a couple of weeks ago but totally forgot about it until last night, and because I love scrapping with this combo and didn't want to miss out on the awesome A Lil' Somethin' flairs for everyone who took part in the challenge, I spent most of the afternoon busy scrapping. Being a slow scrapper I wasn't even sure I would get my page done on time, but just managed to get in before the deadline ;)

Here is the combo

and this is what I came up with...
 I love using green on my layouts and this particular shade is one of my faves, so it was easy to find a few things in my stash to match - I also added a little bit of grey, black and silver for contrast.

Thanks for stopping by :)

project life week 1

At the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to take on Project Life. I have been drawn to this style of scrapping for a while now because of it's simple approach to documenting everyday life and decided that this was the year to start.

I started taking loads of photos and kept a diary to record of all of the little moments that made up each week and began stocking up on supplies. I'll admit that I was a bit overwhelmed with this new (to me) approach to scrapping, so I just kept gathering supplies while I admired what other people were creating in their albums for the first few months, but I was still loving the process and in May I printed off a huge batch of photos and finally started filling up my album - keeping a diary of what we did each week was a blessing when trying to work out where to place all of the photos.

I've still got quite a bit of catching up to do, but I am proud to say that I have completed my first weekly spread :)
Sorry in advance that the photos aren't great - it was a bit tricky to avoid glare on the page protectors and by the time I decided to take everything out of the pockets I began to run out of light. I'll try to get a few better shots shots in the morning.
I have gone with a weekly approach, and as you can see I have kept to my usual style of scrapping with clean lines, bright colours and using the photos as the main focus.
I'm still in the process of completing my title page, but am happy that I snapped a photo of one of the clocks from our place to mark the start of the year.
I really love that the photos don't have to be perfect and that there are all sorts of cool filler cards and little embellishments to help you tell your story.

Here's the second half of the week (again sorry for the dodgy photos)

I was inspired by the Life. Paper. Scrapbook. August challenge to use layers on your PL pages and used a range of vellum, tags, stitching and embellishments to add some layered details.
I created this little vellum pocket to hold a couple of tags to record all of the day's details. 

I really look forward to getting all of the previous weeks up to date,
 and I hope you will stop by again to see how it's going :)
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