Mixed media

Have just completed the next mixed media challenge at Blue Bazaar and this has been my favourite challenge so far, because the theme was to use 'paint', and I got to use the awesome free kit, everyone received for completing the first two challenges. I have created another tree for my canvas (keeping to my tree theme) and love how it has turned out. If you want to join in, the next challenge is ephemera!
Speaking of trees - I submitted a page to SC mag for their 'trees' theme, and not only has it been requested for publishing - I also received a message from the consulting editor stating that they have received over 50 submissions for this theme, and congratulating me on having one of the most eye-catching submissions - how cool is that!!!

Who's layout is it anyway - continues

Looks like more people are joining the ASS challenge! There is a fantastic assortment of layouts up for both of the categories this week. And don't forget that you can vote for your favourite entries here.I really enjoyed this challenge - I used photos of all my favourite little things around my house, and layered them onto pp mats.
*** I got a nice surprise to see this layout featured in the Blue Bazaar newsletter ***
The next challenge was a bit harder than I originally thought it would be - but gave it a go anyway :)
Thanks for vivsiting, and don't forget to vote!

Just a couple of layouts to share, created using the $10 Funky Vintage kit at click n' scrap. Love the little flocked details in this range :)

Also my version of the Kaiser clock!

Our baby is growing up...

Our little Cameron turned six on Friday, and we celebrated his special day with a party. All of our family were there, along with Cameron's soccer buddies and his school friends.
It was hectic to say the least - just picture 20 excited 6 year olds in the one place, but Cameron had an awesome time and totally loved being the centre of attention.
and thank heavens for Macas, who fed and entertained all the kids, leaving me to the important stuff - of getting camera happy at all the great photo opportunities!
Camry's birthday has really made me realise just how fast he is growing up, and I don't know whether it's because he is still a 'mumma's boy', or just that he is the youngest in our family - but I always think of him as our 'baby' and can't seem to get use to the idea that I have to let him grow up!

Who's layout is it anyway challenge...

Have you seen the ASS blog ? My layout is featured there, along with 20 other gorgeous pages completed for the first challenge! I didn't even realise when I started this challenge that there would be voting involved... but they have put up a poll, asking people to vote for their favourite pages - so anyone willing & able - please vote for me!
And if you want to get in on the act and do the next challenge yourself, check out the details in my previous post below....

Is it just me?

At the start of each month I try to make a list of all the competitions, challenges and submissions I plan to create layouts for, but by halfway through the month the list starts to grow and by the end of the month it has really multiplied. I guess it lets me experiment with new techniques and try things I normally wouldn't do -but keeping up with all these tasks can sometimes be a challenge itself! So is it just me, or does everyone take on way more than they can handle?

Speaking of challenges I have started another one that I just couldn't resit -check out the details here. Also Blue Bazaar are offering an added incentive to everyone who takes part - see details here.

Here is my layout for ASS challenge 1... theme - kids, style - bright & bold, brand/product - large beautiful patterns, technique - beads, photos - more than 2, due - 22 July 08

It's been a long week...

The first week of school holidays, and I've been trying to keep my boys busy, as well as doing a lot of scrapping. I have really got stuck into my entries for the SM Masters comp after realising there was just over a week left - meaning many late nights ahead. And if that wasn't enough I have taken on more challenges!!! But I couldn't resist when I saw the fabulous bright colours of this months inspiration challenge at Little Scrapbook Shop...Which inspired me to create this page using a photo of my adorable niece Natasha
And it was cyber crop time again at LSS, which meant another fun game of bingo and plenty more things to create. The theme this month was 'a night at the opera' with plenty of glitz and glam! Luckily I have lovely nieces that I'm able to do 'girly' pages for. This is a photo of my gorgeous niece Billymaree.*** Just got word that I won the inspiration challenge with this layout - yay for me!!! and I this is the card I made for the card sketch challenge....
I even managed to get my boys to play along - but the both said a definite NO to using glitter on their page, so they went for stars instead... By Christian & Cameron *** My boys also won the kids challenge with their awesome creation - they are very excited!!!!
Also finished my OTP challenge at 123 Scrapbook, it had to have a male theme and use recycled objects, so I made this tin for my little hoarder to store his treasures in...

Something fun

Found this on another blog and had to create my own - it's called wordle... and let's you create and customize your own word clouds. Here's mine... have fun creating your own.
Couldn't resist doing one for my boys too...

Sneak peek...

I got invited to take part in a card & layout sketch challenge for Scrapbooking Memories magazine, here is a peek at what I created... they will be published in Vol 10 No 7.
Also a new layout to share that I created for yet another challenge!

Mixed Media

I have always had a thing for trees, and when I started the Mixed Media challenge at Blue Bazaar I knew I wanted my theme to be 'trees'. The first challenge was to use pens and markers, and the second was metal. Here is what I came up with...

I covered chipboard pieces with cardstock then layered them onto the backing board and drew a tree design using Staedtler Fineliner felt-tip pens in a fine cross-hatch pattern to create texture. For the leaves I used Staedtler fibre-tip markers then wet them with water to get a smudged effect. I placed several pieces on top of the glass for extra dimension and drew in the trees. I really like the 3d effect I ended up with.

For the metal challenge I used soldering wire to form the tree shape, then adhered metal leaf to the wire. I then wound silver and gold metallic threads around the wire to create texture and join the pieces together. The green leaf was made from a large sequin which I cut to shape and attched the word 'hope' to a Bella metal charm. It's a bit hard to see in the photo but the navy paper has a nice shimmer to it.
The next challenge is paint and the very generous ladies at Blue Bazaar are sending out a cool kit to play with to everyone who completed the first two challenges - so I can't wait to get started!

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by the lovely Lauren - visit her blog to see what she's been up to.

So here are the rules of the game:
Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post the player then tags 4 people and posts their names with links to their blog, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment letting them know that they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answers.

Question 1: Ten years ago: I was just 22, and enjoying being a first time mum - I remember having all the time in the world back then, and heaps more patience!

Question #2: Five things on today’s “to do list”:
Clean the same stuff I cleaned yesterday and will clean again tomorrow.
Visit my favourite galleries, forums & blogs.
Cook dinner - not one of my favourite things!
Make muffins - blueberry YUM!
Get creative - I am working on so many things right now.

Question #3: Snacks I enjoy: Potato chips are my weakness, and it doesn't help that my mum works for Arnotts and supplies us with chippies way too often!

Question #4: Things I would do if I was a millionaire: Firstly I would buy my dream house - just a mere 6 bedroom two storey house with it's own theatre room I have been eyeing out (it's along story). I would travel around the world - imagine all the great photo opportunities! I would buy my own scrapbooking store so I could 'play' all the time! And of course I would share my wealth with my family.

Question #5: Places I have lived: I was born in Poland, when I was 4 we moved to Austria for just over a year before coming to Australia, we started out at Villa Wood, next came Auburn, then Canley Vale, then my parents bought a house at Shalvey where I lived for about 10 years, then I had my first son and moved to a tiny flat in Penrith for 5 years, and the birth of my second brought about our move to Werrington where we have lived for the past 6 years.

So now it's my turn...
TAG you're it!
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