A calendar and some cards...

Just wanted to share a fun 3d calendar I found over at the Canon Creative Park website which I couldn't resist printing out and assembling for my desk... cute huh :)I also have some cards to share that were done for a Stamper's Challenge in Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft magazine using this cute little Printblocks owl stamp - these were the cards I came up with for the February issue.
Now to get onto those scrapbooking projects I keep planning on getting done ;)
Aga xx

Blog award...

A couple of weeks ago I received a very sweet blog award called the "Happy 101 Award" from the lovely and very talented Michelle :) Thanks so much and sorry it has taken me soooo long to get it on here!
If you receive this award you are to list 10 things that make you happy...

1. The adventures of being a mum of boys :)
2. My pregnant belly
3. Morning giggles and night time huggles
4. Blue skies and fluffy white clouds
5. Hanging out at the beach
6. Getting creative
7. My mums home cooking
8. Prince music
9. Spring trees and Autumn leaves
10. Being outdoors

The second part of the award involves passing it on to three people that make you happy :)
so I'm passing it on to these fabulously inspiring girls...
1. Kim
3. Kathleen

I have been busy getting things prepared for baby's arrival and think I am definitely going through the nesting phase lol - so I don't really have anything new creative to share this time but have plenty of ideas floating around in my head so hope to turn some of those into layouts soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

Aga xx

34 weeks, a birthday and a baby shower...

This week has been a busy one - starting with a 34 weeks check up at the hospital, all appears to be going well with baby which is great news, and while I'm really excited I am also starting to feel a bit freaked out at how little time is left before our baby arrives :0 On Thursday I celebrated my 34th birthday, and yesterday my sister and mum put on a baby shower for me :) and while they took care of most of the food and preparations I was still able to get a bit creative with some of the decorating... starting with the invitations
and these cute cupcake toppers
little toadstool appertisersand I even had a go at these Martha style pom poms

It was a great day shared with family and friends, loads of yummy food and plenty of wine (not for me of course) and I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for your genoristy with all the gorgeous gifts - I will have plenty more pics on facebook soon ;)
Aga xx
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