Our bundle of joy...

Introducing baby
Caydenborn 23 March 2010 at 2:38 pm
weighing 3695 gm - 8.14 lb
measuring 54 cm - 21.3 in
After what seemed like ''forever'' waiting for this day, our little bundle of joy made his arrival 6 days after his due date. My labour began at around 4am on Tuesday morning and after several long and painful hours of contractions, I had my waters broken just before 2pm followed by almost 45 minutes of intense pushing before our little Cayden was born. I have to admit that this was the most painful of all the labours I've gone through, but most definitely worth it all once I held our perfect and healthy baby boy.
Christian and Cameron are both loving being big brothers and Matt and I are still marveling at the pure bliss of having a newborn all over again :)

Finally some creating...

It's been a long time since I have done any scrapping, mainly because it has become increasingly uncomfortable to sit for long periods of time but also because I just haven't been feeling all that creative lately... so it feels great to have finally had a little burst of creativity :)

The first is a page for my art journal using the February mixed media prompt at Blue Bazaar
but I didn't stop there, and also created a layout inspired by the little house in my journal pageI'm really liking bright colours at the moment and was happy to use up lots of bits and pieces from my stash of scraps :)

10 days and counting...

Thought I would do a bit of a baby update since there are only 10 days left until our baby's due date :0
All has been going well, that is if you don't count the swelling, the pain in my ribs or the constant fatigue... but these are a small price to pay for what is to come! I have been getting lots of braxton hicks false contractions this week and actually thought I was going into labour at one stage, but it looks like bub is staying put for now so I guess I will have to be patient... although I've got the bags packed and am ready to go lol ;)
I'll keep you posted
Aga xx
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