Merry Christmas...

We've had a lovely Christmas so far, and after spending the past two days with our families, filled with joy and loads of yummy food :) I am now enjoying a quiet moment while the boys are out at the movies with their cousins.

Here are some before and after pics of the scene under our tree yesterday morning :)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas
and wish you all a safe and happy New Year

Christmas creating...

In between last minute Christmas shopping, cleaning and trying to put my pregnant swollen feet up, I finally managed to do some creating.

Firstly I've used a Kaiser birdhouse to make a door hanging, I was going to hang it on our front door but considering last year's wreath kind of melted in the sun I think I'll have to find another spot for this one ;) it's a bit hard to see in the photo, but the whole thing is very glittery and sparkly and although I'm not exactly sure what birds have to do with Christmas, that's what's been inspiring me lately ;)
and while shopping the other day I came across these adorable love birds at Bed, Bath and Table and added a couple of branches and berries to make it more festive for a simple centrepiece.
Our tree is up but I need some better light to get some pics, oh and we have half our outdoor lights up too.... so will get onto Matt to get the rest up this weekend!
I've also started making some Chrissy cards, but might have to end up using store bought ones at the rate I'm going lol, as I still have a load of things to get done, and am on my final weekend of doing the Christmas baubles (Yay) and I think I have already written every name possible over the past few weeks and am starting to feel slightly over it now!

That's it for now, but I'll be back over the next few days.

Aga xx

It's that time of year again...

I can hardly believe that it's already December and Christmas is just weeks away, and while I don't really feel prepared this year I am starting to feel a bit more festive now that I'm back to writing on these gorgeous hand painted Christmas baubles again
so if you happen to be heading out to Penrith Plaza on the weekend, I hope you'll stop by to say hello... just look for the pregnant lady covered in glitter lol
I also got a bit of a production line happening last week when making these cards for the Christmas card drive held by Monk at Blue Bazaar. I had wanted to use music notes on my design but because I didn't have any paper like that I decided to make my own by printing a music sheet from the net onto some brown paper bags - too easy and very cost effective.Have a great weekend
Aga xx

Still here...

I know it's been like a long time between posts, but yes I'm still here :) and thank you to the lovely people who have emailed me to ask how the pregnancy is going... and I'm happy to report that I'm already 25 weeks and everything appears to be going well, although I have really been feeling the heat lately.

I was pretty shocked to realise that I haven't scrapped a single layout since October!!! which is so unlike me but it's been a combination of things that have kept my creativity at bay and I guess most of it has come from my need to head to bed early rather than my usual late nights which is when I got most of my scrapping done.
Also our landlord has put our house onto the market and I have been trying to keep things clean and clutter free as people come to view the house, which doesn't help when your scrap space is located in the dinning room for all to see.... and I guess we all know just how messy things can get once you get started lol, so I thought it would just be easier to just pack it all up for a while.

I have manged to get a couple of little things done though, firstly these little toadstool tags for the Scrap the Girls embellishment swap held a while ago
and also a couple more pages for my quote journal using the mixed media prompts over at Blue Bazaar

I guess that's it for now - thanks for stopping by :)

Aga xx

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