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I'm a bit behind with getting my layouts up, but what can I say... there just aren't enough hours in the day!!! Anyway week 6 of the Style Lounge Reader's challenge at Aussie Scrap Source blog, the theme was Detailed Whimsy and the inspiration came from the beautiful work of Iris Babao Uy and this is what I came up with...
I was inspired by Iris' use of misting, pretty details and bright happy colours
Suzan Doyle was the inspiration for week 7's challenge with her wonderfully Graphic Colour Blocked style.
I focused on using nice clean lines and tried to recreate Suzan's sense of everything being in it's place
I've got plenty more uploads to catch up on, so I hope you'll be back soon :)
Aga xx

Customer pick...

Just letting you know that you can pick up this customer-pick bundle of warm neutral papers paired with a pack of craft tags that was part of my recent order at Blue Bazaar for just $2.47!
If you follow the Blue Bazaar blog then you would have seen that Louise puts together some fun little bundles of products based on what customers are ordering and offers these at 15% off the normal price. Blue Bazaar always has loads of awesome products at fabulous prices, and as an added incentive to shop if some of the products you order get selected for a bundle you'll get a $5.00 credit to your account... thanks Lou :)

Clean and simple...

that was the theme for the last Style Lounge Readers Challenge over at the Aussie Scrap Source blog. The inspiration came from Caroline McLachlan and the brief was to use clean lines, minimal embellishments with a focus on the photo and journalling. Here's what I came up with...
Journalling reads: I never want to forget the time that little Cameron, who was about 3 years old at the time freaked out while he was on the toilet, screaming at the top of his lungs that there was an animal in there!!! I ran in to find him looking terrified and practically standing on the bowl pointing at the ground... I started laughing so much because the animal that had frightened him so much turned out to be a little ant crawling along the bathroom tiles. For some reason ants were a bit scary for him and he would do his best to avoid them, so who would have thought that the little boy who was terrified of ants would grow up loving to catch lizards and play with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures.

I have to admit that I don't normally add a lot of journalling to my pages, so it was nice to scrap a page using this style so I could record some of the memories that might otherwise be forgotten, and I am very excited to say that my layout won the clean and simple challenge :)

Have a fabulous week
Aga xx

Freestyle whimsy...

I'm still playing along with the Style Lounge challenges on the Aussie Scrap Source blog, and absolutely loved last week's 'freestyle whimsy' style. The inspiration came from the very talented Danielle Quarmby and the brief was to use some of the key elements that Danielle uses when creating her signature style.
I focused on using colour to set the mood, hand cut embellishments, book paper and whimsical elements, using song lyrics for my title as well as adding a small floral background.
What do you think?

Do you Pinterest?

I am absolutely loving this site, and have to admit that lately I have been spending most of my computer time on Pinterest! ... incase you haven't been there before it's basically an online pin board where you can create collections of all the things you love and then share them with friends and follow the boards of other people with great taste.

What I like most about Pinterest is how easy it is to access all the great finds you have pinned along the way, because I don't know about you but normally when I found something I liked online I would either save a pic of it or add the page to my favourites folder, but then always struggle to find the source when I wanted to go back to it - but on Pinterest you have not only a picture of what it is you like but also a link straight to the site where you found it all in one. Brilliant!

There are so many inspiring ideas and awesome tutorials, and here's just a small sample of some of the things I've been pinning...
here's a link to my boards, feel free to have a browse or add anything you like...or if you are already on board leave me a link, because as they say - it's more fun with friends :)
Aga xx

Catching up with layouts...

I've been doing a bit of scrapping... but because of my slight obsession with Pinterest I haven't had time to update my blog for a while ;) So first up is another layout for the Style Lounge challenges at Aussie Scrap Source blog. The challenge was to create a layout based on the awesome 'Artsy Grunge' style of Leanne Pearce. I really liked playing with this style and am thinking that it will definitely be something I want to try again!
I also completed a few pages for the Desperate Housewives theme over at ScrapzBiz. This page is about just some of the things I would rather be doing than housework, because let's face it... it will still be there in the morning!
and the next one is about my least favourite chore - the dreaded ironing and my recent revelation that sometimes it is OK to go out into the world with a few wrinkles ;)

I had also planned to complete 30 layouts for Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp, but I left it a bit late to get started and in the end only managed to upload 2 layouts.... a long way off I know, but hey it is better than none, and I did manage to organise a lot of my paper into mini kits in the process!
*also just realised that I totally forgot to add my journalling for this one...oops

Thanks for stopping by
Aga xx
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