Colours and words...

I've mangaed to get a layout done for an Aussie Scrap Source challenge called Colours and Words, which was inspired by combining Colour Combos Galore and One Little Word into the one challenge. I'm a bit late in joining in on the fun as they are already up to week 3 but I loved the gorgeous combination and and just had to give this one a goand yes that is me while going through a brunette phase several years ago lol.

You can check out all the fabulous entries here and don't forget to vote for your favourite :)

Catching up....


It's been a while between posts but I've been pretty busy trying to get things up to date and also recovering from a traumatic trip to the dentist, where while having a tooth taken out it somehow cracked between the roots and they had to literally dig out the remaining root which led to removing some bone - and although I didn't pass out this time.... yes that has happened before ;) lets just say there was a lot of pain afterwards not to mention the swelling and then of course the many days of eating nothing but mush.... but I am fine now and almost healed.

And for all the twilight fans out there... if you're anything like me and have finished reading all of the books but still want more you might like these....The partial draft of Midnight Sun - basically it's Twilight but from Edward's perspective and loved it but wished there was more also came across some fan fiction - a 32 chapter continuation of the Twilight saga - this is not by the original author but written in a very similar style and has been very popular

I do have one page to share after my first play with American Crafts divided page protectors available at a fabulous price from Remember When and loved using these and can't wait to do more!
I also got these gorgeous goodies back in the mail for the green colour swap over at White With 1 it's a bit hard to see the ones I've made here - the lime green/white scallop circle (used a napkin for the circle) the photos are still stuck on my computer but you get the idea.
I'm hoping to catch up on some of the projects that I've fallen behind on over the weekend - so hope to have more to share soon.

Aga xx


Hi again, I've managed to copy a few more of my layouts from the various sites I've completed them for, and am so glad that it's already Sunday night so this cold and miserable weekend can finally be over with lol!

I'm hoping to get my computer looked at tomorrow and in the meantime am still trying to get use to this laptop - don't get me wrong I'm so grateful that I even have it to use but am really struggling with the rather temperamental touch pad thingy and cannot wait until I can use a mouse again ;)

This first page is for the Aussie Dares rub ons challenge and instead of just applying them onto the page I've also put a few onto transparency so that I could add a bit of dimension to the flowers, although I realise now that I somehow forgot to add the journalling to this page (oops) which was meant to go in an arc at the top of the circle ;)
this one was created for the Remember When blog, using American Crafts papers and thickers as well as a cute RW acrylic laser cut bird.and this layout was inspired by the word Change for this month's One Little Aussie Word challenge
thanks for stopping by :)
Aga xx

Guest Designer...

I'm very excited to announce that I have been featured as a guest designer for The Scrapbook Establishment this week! I was given the gorgeous South Seas collection by Creative Imaginations to work with and these are the layouts I created for the newsletter
as well as the instructions for this page for the tip & techniques section of the forum.
And it's a good thing Mary had already put these up on the site well before my computer stopped working so at least I have a few pics I'm able to share ;)

My computer has died :(

I cannot believe that my computer has totally stopped working!!!

It was working fine yesterday, then last night it mysteriously turned it self off and I have not been able to get it to turn back on :(

My niece has very kindly let me use her laptop until the computer is fixed, but still feeling very miserable as all my photos and files are totally unusable - and to make things worse it's been well over 12 months since I've backed anything up.... stupid I know! and I can only hope that they will be recoverable.

So if you happen to be reading this, then let it be a reminder to back up your photos NOW just incase something like this ever happens at your place!

I've been tagged

It took me a while to get this up but want to give a BIG thanks to both these gorgeous chickies for the tag Alyssa & Skye :)

8 things I look forward to
1. My baby is turning 7 in July
2. looking forward to summer already
3. My bf from school coming for a visit from the states in July :)
4. doing some shopping - I really need some new clothes
5. slimming out a bit around my waist... one can dream!
6. getting some paper storage - pizza boxes are looking pretty shabby
7. finally catching up on all my scrapping projects
8. playing with some paint again

8 things I did yesterday - will have to list from the day before as I had a tooth pulled out yesterday then slept the rest of the day after the painkillers set in ;)
1. slept in then spent half the day in my pj's :)
2. started reading book 4 in the twilight series
3. caught up on housework -boring but necessary
4. made the best tasting desert Mille Feuille - can't pronounce it but it was good!!
5. read some of the Midnight Sun draft online
6. listened to music - love Keri Hilson/Kanye West's new song
7. did a little bit of scrapping
8. blog hopped and other stuff on the computer

8 things I wish I could do
1. I wish we could go on holiday
2. have new scrap goodies delivered to my door daily
3. I wish I could go on holiday
4. have a great creative job
5. I wish I could scrap without making a mess ;)
6. buy our dream house
7. I wish I had the courage to do more with my paintings
8. just have more time with my family

8 things or shows I've watched lately
1. Twilight - slightly hooked on the books now ;)
2. Grey's Anatomy -my all time favourite series
3. Best Dance Crews - awesome new show on MTV
4. Taken - really good action flick
5. Desperate Housewives
6. Cartoons on Disney Channel with the boys
7. Music videos are always on at our place
8. watched the kids on the PS3 - does that count lol

8 blogs I am tagging
1. Tanya - sweet about me
2. Naomi - it's a wild wild world
3. Lisa - life in segments
4. Ali - shades of grey
5. Hetty - scrapcited's place
6. Wirg - Wirg's creative world
7. Karen - big secrets & interesting things
8. Monica - Monica's brady bunch

25 for Bootcamp...

As I mentioned in my last post, I once again took part in Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp and am happy to have made a nice dint in my stash after completing these 25 layouts.


I know I haven't updated in a while and despite having a ton of new layouts to share I have a been a feeling little preoccupied and the cause for this distraction has been these....

When Twilight first came out I thought 'oh another vampire movie' and I honestly couldn't see what all the fuss was about - until I watched it for myself when the dvd came out and suddenly it all made sense ;) and it wasn't long after that I borrowed the first Twilight book from my sister that I suddenly I was hooked! I am onto the third book now after buying the set for myself and let's just say I continue to be consumed by it :)

Anyway I do have lots of new layout to share - 25 of them actually that I completed for Blue Bazaar's Crop Bootcamp, but because a lot of them were photographed pretty badly (night time photos were definitely not a good idea lol) so I will get some better shots and put them up soon.

Also a big thanks for all your comments - I promise to get back to you all soon! And Christian was so pleased for the wonderful congrats on his last goal, and I'm very proud to report that he did it again last weekend with another awesome goal, and not to be outdone little Cameron was named player of the match and got a fab trophy for his efforts!

So I guess that's it from me for now....I have some reading to get back to ;)

Aga xx

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