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Hi there :) I am preparing to do a bit of a blog catch up and have slowly started photographing and getting up to date with all the projects I have been working on this year. These particular layouts were created for my 'Mastering the Arts' feature in Vol 18 No.9 of Scrapbooking Memories Magazine and focused on ways of incorporating the growing trend of adult colouring onto scrapbooking layouts. 

My first layout used a cityscape colouring page (which I downloaded from Pinterest) as a backdrop for a photo of my little guy sharing his love of adventure. 

I printed the image onto cardstock, traced a circle where I would cut it out and used regular coloured pencils to lightly colour the image.  

I love how the colouring gave my page a more personal touch, and allowed me to use colours that would compliment all of the other elements on my page. 

 My second layout looked at using stamped images to add a hand coloured element to the page design. 

I chose a geometric pattern with plenty of open space to add colour, and this time used fine tip markers with a simple cross hatch technique to colour.  

This method of colouring allows some of the white background to show through and gives the design more depth.  

I hand cut around each stamped image and layered them over paper strips which featured similar colours. 

Since writing this article, I have incorporated hand colouring on a few other layotus and will be sure to share them with too, but until then thanks for stopping by xx


Maria at: July 15, 2016 at 10:04 AM said...

Very cool layouts

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