Easter Decorating...

I was feeling a bit 'Martha' inspired this Easter and took on a few decorating projects for the occasion. To begin with I gathered a collection of twigs and and other bits and pieces and built myself a nest :)
I decided to fill my nest with speckled eggs after seeing these little beauties {not by Martha...but still so pretty} To make my eggs I sponged on layers of acrylic paints in shades of blue onto blown eggs, allowing each layer to dry in between. I then watered down a little brown acrylic and used an old toothbrush to flick on the speckles. I skipped the painting stage for the brown eggs but did add the speckles as well as a few sprays of iridescent glimmer mist for a bit of shine and it's a good thing that I made a few spares because some little guy (Cayden ) broke a few when he tried to eat them ;)

On Saturday we had an Easter lunch at my mum's place and I created a few cute napkin bunnies to dress up her table using this tutorial.
I was very inspired by this gorgeous Martha cake, and used the same concept to decorate my layered chocolate and cream cake with a nest made of shaved chocolate.
I also got the idea of making a cake border from here but changed it up a bit and drew up my own template onto plain paper then traced the design onto a sheet of long of cardboard (the type you get at the newsagents) and used a craft knife to cut out my design.
I went with a simple grass design and added a few bunnies and chicks along with some scattered eggs amongst the grass and love how it turned out. The cake lost a bit of it's icing during the drive but here's the other side of the border ;)
I'd love to hear your thoughts... perhaps you made something creative too that you'd like to share?
Aga xx


jen at: April 30, 2011 at 1:20 PM said...

I'm uber impressed! Looks like you went all out!!! :)

Anonymous at: May 1, 2011 at 3:18 PM said...

Wow gorgeous !!! xx

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