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Week 6 of the Generation Gap reader's challenges over at Aussie Scrap Source blog was all about our school days and I decided to do a layout about Matt's school yard memories after recently coming across this photo of him from year 2 of primary school.   
I asked Matt what he remembers most about his days at primary school and he says that 'while the school work seemed a lot easier than the work our kids bring home today, the teachers were not as relaxed and even though he was a good student he still remembers the sting of the cane' and our boys listen in disbelief that this was the normal type of punishment back in our day.
I have included some of these memories in the pull out tag under the photo and used Studio Calico's Elementary range.

Week 7 had a sports and hobbies theme and I created my page about our family's passion for soccer
I never really played sports when I was a child but I did grow up with a love of soccer and have many memories of watching the English Premiere League with my dad. Manchester United was our favourite team long before stars like Rooney and Ronaldo came on the scene - back then it was all about Eric Cantona and a young David Beckham thrilling the crowd. But it doesn't compare to the excitement of being there when my children started playing the game, cheering them on as they scored their first goal and being able to share a passion for the sport with them has been wonderful and it's nice to see that at least one of the goes for Manchester too ;)         

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Kerryn at: October 1, 2011 at 9:29 PM said...

Fabulous pages! I especially love the first one!

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